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Blind Date

Allowing algorithms created by powerful industries shape our interests and beliefs feels like a scary prospect for most of us. The situation seems unescapable and yet, it isn’t. Are you familiar with the concept of serendipity? How much do you enjoy taking risks ? How much do you value novelty? Any moment of procrastination can be the occasion to drift away into unknown and exciting territories. Let yourself be lost, acknowledge the fact that it can be rewarding and keep your eyes open.

Words and selection by Nicolas Baudoin

OkCupid x ToiletPaper

Blind Dates are happening on a daily basis in this Tinder Era. Yet with current meetups based on superficial data, such as proximity of users or their ability to take duckface selfies in a spotless mirror, the question remain if they are they still “blind” dates. OkCupid aims to change this story. The online dating site (and app) is way more political and personal than their competitors. They’ve also just undergone a makeover by the facetious and talentuous Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the duo behind Toilet Paper, and we’ve become quite the fan of their outrageously pop ads.

Afternoons by Patrick Cowley

Dark Entries is a San Francisco-based label tirelessly seeking for obscure dance music. The whole project seems adventurous and thus conducive to thistle the concept of Serendipity. Their most anticipated re-issue is a gay porn soundtrack by the early 80’s visionary Patrick Cowley. This artist, who died tragically of AIDS at the age of 32, leaves behind him a precious legacy. On Afternooners, his music is unexpectedly sensual and ethereal, floating away from the cliché associated with the porn industry. Listen to the album here, eyes closed, wondering about impossible bodies.

The Useless Web

The weird side of Internet is a myth. There is no side, weirdness can be found everywhere. This minimalistic site has gathered an impressive database though. Every time you click PLEASE, a page is launched with surprising content. I won’t lie: I mostly found short animations made by trolls… but there are some Internet nuggets too. The real digital Blind Date experience.