Kasper-Jan Selects : BRDCST 2018

BRDCST is AB’s indoor Spring festival with a single focus: musical limitlessness. The name is a direct reference to the English retro-futuristic electronica-pop band Broadcast. Artists who feel strongly about musical innovation will form the focal point for BRDCST. Musical gut feeling will do the rest. This year’s edition includes a lot of acts from the NON WORLDWIDE label, which has become a household name in the scene. The label, founded by Chino Amobi, Nkisi and Angel-Ho, exclusively features artists from Africa and the African diaspora. The NON Worldwide artists’ music is mainly a tool to expose social exclusion and the consequences of colonisation today and in the past. Following artists are on the BRDCST-bill and highly recommended!

Bonaventure – 04 April, Bonnefooi

Bonaventure, real name Soraya Lutangu, was one of the residency programme at Berlin Community Radio lately. According to her press release, she uses music as an identity research tool along with practical and speculative initiatives to connect her African and European roots and investigate human relationships.

FAKA – 06 April, AB Box

FAKA, a cultural movement established by Buyani Duma and Thato Ramaisa, aims to infiltrate the spaces that exclude them through the expression and liberation of queer bodies as Desire Marea and Fela Gucci. Thus appropriately named after Zulu word faka, pronounced as faga, which means to penetrate or to break into. Although often labelled as a performance art duo they want to represent more and offer a platform or even create an agency to showcase queer black artists to the world;  #siyakaka.

Chino Amobi – 06 April, AB Box

Paradiso, Virginia producer Chino Amobi’s latest album, was described by Rolling Stone as ‘a noise album in only the most literal sense, a cinematic collage of ideas creating a decentralised, global, post-Internet, post-digital pile-up of sounds’. He ended up on nr. 3 in their best releases-list in 2017 and on nr.1 in the The Wire’s list. His music combines elements of bass, hiphop, industrial, metal, electro, techno and house with spoken word, musique concrète and noise, both political and media-aware.

Nkisi – 06 April, Bonnefooi

Guaranteed to be a name you hear over and over recently, Nkisi is London based DJ/producer Melika Ngombe Kolongo. High impact, fast paced, gabber to doomcore to West African rhythms, Nkisi is a force to be reckoned with and you can hear that in all her sets.

BRDCST takes place from 4 till 8 April, in AB & Bonnefooi, Brussels
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