Perron Zes

With Perron Zes, what you see is what you get. They prefer not to be labeled, seeing themselves as a constant changing collective. They’ve put their unique mark on the Brussels underground scene by combining everything they love, from designing clothes to organising parties to hosting a radio show. We went on a blind date with Jonas, Lars, Miel and Dennis – the four core members of the collective – and talked about their friendship, the importance of the internet and their future.

Interview by Elice Spillebeen
Photos by Eva Teetaert shot in Brussels

How was Perron Zes born and how did it evolve into what it is now?
It all started on platform six at Brussels North train station, which was the place where we went to chill around noon when we were studying in Brussels. The idea to start designing clothes was born there. We didn’t really like what we found in normal shops, second-hand stores were overhyped and expensive high-end streetwear wasn’t our thing either, so we decided to do it ourselves. Over time the other elements – such as the parties and exhibitions – grew organically and before we knew it two years had passed. We like to just go with the flow, and not make too many fixed plans for the future as we get most of our inspiration from our environment and prefer to evolve with what happens around us. That’s also why it’s hard to put a term on what we do; it’s constantly changing.

How did you all meet?
We all met at Sint-Lucas in Brussels. It was a kind of friendship at first sight. We all call each other by nicknames, and even have our own kind of language that can be hard to understand for outsiders. Someday we want to launch our own dictionary [Laughs]. We just love to make up new words.

Everyone has his own tasks within his own strengths, and in that we trust each other blindly

How would you describe Perron Zes?
We just do our own thing, and everyone who wants to join, can join. We don’t hold on to one specific genre or style, but simply select everything we love. We depend a lot on our gut feeling, but also keep an eye open for new movements in the club scene. For example, in selecting our music, we go and look for things we haven’t heard before, music that intrigues us. That can go from new wave to electro. We believe that’s also our strength: the unique combination of all these different forms. We don’t just combine different genres in music; we mix it up with designing clothes, throwing parties and hosting radio shows, all of which creates a sort of rhythm that makes endless crossovers possible. Inside the collective, everyone has his own tasks within his own strengths, and in that we trust each other blindly.

Thanks to the online world, we’re able to give foreign artists exposure in Belgium that they might not get otherwise

The internet today is a digital meeting place. What role does it play for you?
A very big one – long live the internet! We don’t just get a lot of inspiration from the internet; we reach most of our community online, too. The internet also plays an important role in discovering new artists. It makes international collaborations possible; even if someone lives on the other side of the world, because of the internet it’s possible to communicate and reach out to them. This is what’s so amazing. Thanks to the online world, we’re able to give foreign artists exposure in Belgium that they might not get otherwise.

What does the future hold for Perron Zes?
We have two parties coming up that we’re looking forward to: Underwater at Fuse in March and one with Slagwerk in May. Next to that you can expect a lot of radio shows and a clothing collab with Subbacultcha. We’re also looking to expand our collective further than Brussels as we’re all living in Ghent at the moment. We’d love to do some things here.

Perron Zes is organising Underwater with Loom + Galtier + Samuelspaniel + Trime + Terrorriba + Doofpot + DJ Hunid + Jonas Brenger at Fuse, Brussels, 23 March. The show is free for members before 1am.
Become a member here.