Photo Essay


Journal-writer-turned-rapper Chynna Rogers is just a regular girl who likes burgers, burritos and bbq ribs. If you met at a party, she’d never tell you she made music unless you really pried. Every so often, the West Philadelphian’s serious, wry demeanour is rippled by bursts of youthful enthusiasm for hopping on planes to unknown places, her loyalty to Panic! At The Disco, and chain-ordering junk food to her apartment in Chinatown, Manhattan. Chynna’s latest EP, music 2 die 2 hails a fresh return for the 23-year-old since her 2016 Ninety mixtape and even earlier releases Glen Coco and Selfie, which first set people’s rap radars on red alert for this irresistibly cool emcee. Straight outta high school vibes have long been shaken off. In their place appear Chynna’s biting spoken lines and woozy beats, reflecting a brewing anger and a coming to terms with the aftermath of death, depression and drugs that have passed through her life.

Text by Zofia Ciechowska
Photos by Yael Malka, shot in New York City

Chynna plays 9 March at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. The show is free for members. Become a member here.