Spring at CAMPO

Ah Theatre, the mirror of our Society, the physical emergence into themes of humanity we experience through a significant movement of bodies, voices and expressions. For theatre house CAMPO, we made a selection of the most relevant of works to be staged this Spring 2018.

1 March, CAMPO victoria

Growing up in the military and hierarchical society of South Korea, Jaha Koo was confronted with a lot of isolation. And then one day, his cuckoo rice cooker started talking to him. Now, in Cuckoo, he takes us through 600 years of history of Korea with his only co-actors being rice cookers. Through witty and bittersweet dialogues Koo gives us insight into a lonely life in a highly technological society. Highly recommended, and also ffm.

Wild Life FM
15 – 17 March,  CAMPO nieuwpoort

Buckle up friends, because you’re getting yourself into something you’ve never seen/heard before. That’s right, it’s both a performance and musical experience at the same time. Nine young adults (aged between 15 and 22) remind us what’s it’s like to a teen through the impact of music, sound, video. A radio performance exploring the limits of the stage.

The Making of Justice
16 March, KASKcinema

In the film The Making of Justice Sarah Vanhee joins hands with seven prisoners to write the script for a crime film. All seven were convicted for murder, just like their protagonist. While making the film they drew on their own experiences, situations, ideas and desires. The focus of the film (literally) isn’t on the men as criminals but the faulty relationship between justice and our justice system, because both aren’t always synonymous. Intriguing.

Is This Porn? No, This is Love.
29 – 30 March, CAMPO nieuwpoort

Is This Porn? No, This Is Love. is a dialogue between two lovers who are nearing the end of their relationship. Julie Cafmeyer isn’t shying away of any taboo or shame and bluntly tackles subjects like sexual dissatisfaction. She takes us along her quest for love and sense-making, wanting to break away of society’s norm to success, because —let’s face it, owning a house and a kid doesn’t necessarily guarantee a happy and successful existence any longer. A daring one.

Affordable Solution for Better Living
18 May, CAMPO nieuwpoort

Affordable Solution for Better Living is a performance bringing together dancers and some IKEA furniture. Each theatre can choose from the catalogue, the furniture they wish to see performed by the dancers. The time and the scale of the performance will therefore depend on the objects chosen and the scale of the venue. The performance takes the body itself as a kit, and the assembly instructions as dance notation. The location is still to be confirmed, so pretty much everything is still undecided!

Cuckoo, Wild Life FM and Affordable Solution for Better Living are free for members on the dates mentioned above. Become a member here. Info & tickets for the other dates :