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The Internet is often criticized for being a place where speed is privileged at the expense of quality. While we agree with this basic statement, we tried to find the exceptions that contradict the rule. What if quick&dirty could be a motto to revitalize contemporary art and redefine the notion of taste? What if quick&dirty could be a way to find new creative ideas and to abstract ourselves from a reductive unimpassionated status quo? What if quick&dirty could be fun and naive?

Words and selection by Nicolas Baudoin


This Ukranian artist really couldn’t care less. His style is not about precision or refinement. His graffitis and drawings are purposely created to refuse the notion of ‘good taste’ in the arts. With his gang, the coconut clan, Am Am redecorates Eastern European cities with big nonchalant splashes of paint and half-unfinished sketches. Their slogan? Save Ugly Graffitis.


The most famous Australian channel on Youtube and a lifelong badbuzz (or so it seems) is HowToBasic, taking the concept of a tutorial and ruining it completely. Absurd, provocative —or plainly stupid for some (think of all the waste!), HowToBasic is an inescapable quick-and-dirty trend of the web. Fun fact: the author of these clips remains anonymous to this day.


If you swiped right on Tinder when you meant to swipe left, UglyBooth might be a solution. Take a selfie, use the app to make it more than unflattering, then send it back to the undesired suitor. They probably won’t bother you after and if so, you’ll have fun seeing how uncomfortable people get when it’s their turn to reply. If you’re not into malevolent jokes, you can always use UglyBooth to boost your self-confidence.

Casual Gabberz

This Parisian-based collective focusses on hard sounds and fast BPM. Releasing banger after banger, these DJs never seem to tire. Their sound resurrects 90’s gabber, incorporating contemporary club music and french rap, in order to create moments of euphoria and madness. Basically, listening to Casual Gabberz is like drinking 22 Red Bulls consecutively and still asking for more.



Nicolas is a member and contributing writer. He made a selection of the The Best Of The Net, reflecting our February theme Quick&Dirty.
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