Our Blind Date issue is out

We like to invest in the knowable, the ascertainable – the things and people on whom our time and energy will be a well-placed investment. We want to know what will be a worthwhile venture before we take that leap. Makes sense. But what about the unknown potential behind the mystery setup? The invitation from a stranger? The unscheduled itinerary and unknown route? The possibility of disappointment, the probability of setbacks, go hand in hand with the potential for a good story. A seamless, predictable life is not what we line up to see. So accept the invitation to this specific blind date. Whoever – or whatever – is on the other side will surely be worth the story.


Front cover: Perron Zes by Eva Teetaert

Editors in chief: Herlinde Raeman & Kasper-Jan Raeman
Magazine editors: Julien Van de Casteele & Gabriela González
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Design: Chloe D’hauwe
Advertising & partnerships: Kasper-Jan Raeman
Printer: Drukkerij GEWADRUPO, Arendonk, Belgium

Contributing writers: Gabriela González, Julien Van de Casteele, Herlinde Raeman, Manon Vadelorge, Nicolas Baudoin, Bart Bruneel, Anaïs Violet Van Eldere, Matias Calderon, Dries Robbe, Laura Callewaert, Elice Spillebeen, Eléonore Kenis, Pim Thomas, Hannes Rooms & Sabzian

Contributing photographers: Catherine Lemblé, Eva Teetaert, Femke Fredrix, Sasha Vernaeve & Yael Malka

Contributing artists: Sybren Vanoverberghe & Gabriela González

Thank you: Isaac Barbé, Mattias Baertsoen, Koi Persyn, Niloufar Nematollahi, Hannes Rooms, Vicky Derweduwen, Lindsey De Laet, Mert Sen, Jeroen Albertijn, Mats Wosky, Junior Bokele, Paulina De Vleesschouwer, Margaux Fabris, Kellan Smith, Lynn Cailliau, Anna Hortense Vanden Brande, Naoki Karathanassis, Nelson Henry, Lara Decrae, Jelle Dens, Isabelle Vanderstockt, Valerie Buckenmeyer, Melanie Musisi, Eline De Vos, Axelle Vertommen, Gert Van Dijck, Lisa Alemán Arévalo, Sofia Van Laer, Amani Wijte, Maria Antchougova, Amaury Wilkin & friends, Ian Wiglema, Emilia Vangrinsven, Frederik Vliege, Pascal Vandenberghe & Frederic Busscher

Partners: Botanique, Beursschouwburg, Het Bos, Gewadrupo, Vooruit, Democrazy, KVS, 013, Leuven Jazz, STUK, Rewire, Offscreen, Cactus, Cultuur Gent, Curieus, Bozar, AB, Handelsbeurs, C-Mine, Little Waves, ICC Distribution, KulturA, Amer Lab., Ancienne Belgique, JauneOrange, Kolonie, Life Fast Die Young, Kultuurkaffee, Go With The Flow, SauvageSauvage, Perron Zes, Listen Festival, Eden, Courtisane, Meakusma, NoName, Cinema Zuid, Cinematek, KASK Cinema, Campo, Kaaitheater, Argos & BPS22