Recent Finds


Curated by Hannes, Pim, Amaury and the Subba team


Kraak Festival
2-4 March at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

The pretty-much-legendary Ghent label Kraak is back this March with its definitely-legendary festival, that yearly expedition into the outer limits of experimental music known as Kraak Festival. Taking place from 2 to 4 March, and once more at Beursschouwburg, this year’s edition will not fail its loyal aficionados or its recent acolytes: from the raucous thrashing of Lemones to the free-flowing harmonies of Liz Durette’s keyboard to Jung An Tagen’s austere, enveloping electronic voyages, there’s always old friends and new discoveries to be made. The most earnest occasion to root ears to the earth and sync them to the flow of the cosmos.

22 Feb at Gouvernement, Ghent

SCRPR equals an evening mix of different artists and media from image to audio to installation. On the 5th happening, 22 February at Gouvernement, Ghent, you can expect selected work by KASK students Miel Audenaert, Lars Boelaerts, Jules Labath, Mats Wosky and more and live performances by PARTNERS and Frère Tuck. Poster by Yannick Van Dyck.


Quick and dirty bars are Flohio’s trademark. Her staccato rap style is embraced by a bunch of progressive producers such as Gaika, L-Vis 1999 and God Colony. The latter is a producer duo serving harsh, industrial beats and together they toured Europe with remarkable stops at Unsound, Progress bar, Leguesswho and a support UK tour for Mura Masa. Flohio – real name Funmi Ohio – was born in Nigeria, but moved to South London borough Bermondsey (SE16) just before entering boarding school and found herself quickly submersed in the grime scene. Now, at the age of 22, she’s crafted her own way of storytelling and when you listen carefully you’ll notice her poetic lyrics are often confessional. She is definitely our safest artists-to-watch-in-2018 guess.

The lost track selected by Pim Alfred Anders
Georg Danzer – Wer Bist Du???

For the first in a series of forgotten tracks I’d like to unveil a very recent discovery: this wonderful slow-motion ’80s synth-pop track by Georg Danzer, released in 1983 by Polydor on a 7” called Zombieball. The B side of this record, called ‘Wer Bist Du???’, is the one that does it for me. Georg was an Austrian singer-songwriter and a pioneer of the Austropop genre. The slow tempo and deep bassline, suffused with Georg’s sensual German voice, kind of gives it a ‘dirty’ feeling. And, best of all, it’s a cheapo track! I found it for just two bucks. ‘Wer hast zu bin’ all my life, Georg? Happy to discover you!

House of Kenzo

Together with Halcyon Veil boss Rabit, House of Kenzo performed at festivals in the States last summer – and did not go unnoticed: quick and dirty south vogue is what you can expect when witnessing House of Kenzo live. The collective of dancers, producers, DJs and all-round creative artists from San Antonio, Texas, are on a mission to deconstruct club conventions even further by blending performance art, drag show performance and hype machinery on top of sample-heavy soundtracks of crashing cars, eerie screaming, military drums and devotional speeches. Forget staring at static DJs behind the booth: this new club experience makes all boundaries between DJ, performers and audience fade. HOK released three-track EP ‘On Bonfires of Urbanity’ on Halcyon Veil but their mixtape for THUMP is probably a more accurate portraying of their identity. Although f*cking heavy with the queer frequency, their message is actually one of open-mindedness rather than exclusively queer, dixit HOK member Roxy.