Juicy – Die Baby Die

Brusseleirs  will immediately know who we are talking about when mentioning Juicy. Two years ago Julie Rens and Sasha Vovk started playing parties as a nineties/00’s R&B cover act. With every performance they slowly started building a reputation which even brought them on a stage in Paris. In 2018 they are ready to take things to another level with a first EP filled with original Juicy tracks. Two weeks ago the first single ‘Count Our Fingers Twice‘ was released, it made us swoon and dance on our desks every time we pressed play. So we are very excited to be able to present you track number two ‘Die Baby Die’a true R&B slowburner.

Check Juicy out before they explode :
22/03 – AB Club, Brussels
23/03 – Beursschouwburg, Brussels
06/05 – Botanique, Brussels
30/06 – Couleur Café, Brussels