Photo Essay


The concept behind Deep In House is a careful music curation by Tom and Mathieu, inviting artists from around the globe to special and innovative venues we wouldn’t necessarily go listen music in. After the Atomium, Canal Wharf and the Horta Gallery, they present their newest space C12, their personal challenge to propose yet another kind of event, translated into concerts, nights, exhibitions, and even a yoga class. We went to have a look and encountered raw and industrial architecture dividing the place into different rooms and endless possibilities.

Pictures shot by Pommelien Koolen




Jamie Tiller, Tako and RTS play C12 on April 7.
Kassem Mosse, Lowtec and Different Fountains play C12 on April 13.
Eric Cloutier + Shades + Kafim play C12 on April 14.

Zaltan & Orpheu the Wizard play C12 on April 20.
Convextion plays C12 on April 28.

Polar Inertia + Combe + Lunar Convoy + Kafim play C12 on April 30.

All these events are free for members until 1am. Join here.