Rumours –
Soft Stones x So

Anyone keeping an eye on the Belgian music scene knows LFDY-protégés Rumours are on the to watch-list at the moment. Their previous singles were showing us the versatility of what the band is about. Their new tracks ‘Soft Stones’ and ‘So’ are another proof of that same vibe. A mishmash of melancholy, a certain tint of sadness and that one dark insatiable place in the head we call desire. This mix of emotions is taken throughout the whole Rumours identity: as these new songs are ice cold, Rumours chose to make video’s on Ibiza to give you a tropical visual overdose. The heaviness ofSoft Stones’ is comparable with taking a deep inhale without exhaling. It is ‘So’ that makes breathing out possible again.

Rumours is playing Kolonie, Ghent, 14 March. This event is free for members. Join here.

With the release of these tracks, the pre-orders for the album also start! Contact LFDY by mailing Stefanie (mailsubject: pre-order LFDY005 – Rumours – MEGAMIX) or go to Consouling Store or Bilbo Records.