Kasper-Jan Selects : Artefact 2018

Following last year’s otherworldly foray into the Art of Magic, Artefact is back with a theme that is, literally, far more grounded. With This Rare Earth: Stories From Below, STUK’s yearly audiovisual festival asks us to look down at the world below our feet. Geological elements, minerals and stones, metals and microscopic organisms; all of the components that make up our physical anchor to this world are the inspiration behind this yearly ritual that links visual arts with complex issues that affect society at large. Artists such as Ilana Halperin, Maarten Van Den Eynde, Julian Charrière and many more will broach topics like mining, recycling and the myriad situations that involve mankind’s intervention on natural processes; these are analysed and reinterpreted artistically, with a view to the existential conundrum posed by our reality in the greater universe.


Golin – 13 February

American-Japanese singer and producer Golin (formerly known as RIN) is the rising star within Brussels’ electronica music scene. Her hi-fi electronica laced with eastern melodies sometimes reminds one of the best of Grimes.

Ensemble label night – 23 February

In the last five years longtime house heads Kong & Gratts obtained a central place in the Belgian underground through their ensemble label and the associated BXL club nights. The imprint has so far showcased a broad range of sounds from the Belgian underground ranging from music of the Belgian cult jazz band Aksak Maboul to the electronica of 19-year-old prodigy Rhythm Mind. For their label night they invited synth sorceress Stellar OM Source, whose fortuitous procurement of a mint Roland TB-303 for the mere sum of 25  launched her on an intergalactic journey towards a rhythmically revolving planet.

Alessandro Cortini – 25 February

He was part of several bands, one of them was Trent Reznor’s industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. As a solo artist, multi-instrumentalist Cortini focuses mainly on ethereal synth ambient. He played Bozar Night, DEKMANTEL and the Rest Is Noise in the past and is now closing down Artefact 2018.

The Ensemble label night at Artefact, with Stellar Om Source + Toby Tobias + Fyoelk on 23 February at STUK, Leuven is free for members. Join here.