Behind The Scenes


KAVIR is the little sister of the Festival Heure d’hiver about Tehran. Curator Niloufar Nematollahi brings visual artists and musicians from both Iran and Belgium together, creating an exhibition and musical experience set out to challenge image and sound within the space of the cinema’s dungeon. Nilou – who also wrote the Tehran scene report – has sent us sneak peaks of audio, decor and video from the Belgian collaborators (Dateless Daze, crat, Koi Persyn, Stans Vrijsen…) of the event this Friday in Cinema Galeries, Brussels. Take a look!

forthcoming épong on MONTAGE

Trailer made by Dietger Vanwynsberghe


KAVIR with Kali, Sote, crat, Dateless Daze and many more takes place on Friday 9 Feb at Cinema Galeries, Brussels.
The event is free for members. Join here.
Limited capacity so please show up early!
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