Since our 20-something issue last June, RIN changed her moniker to Golin and released a critically acclaimed EP on Midlife. A string of international gigs later we called her again in anticipation of SOBU to talk about the process of making music: ‘I studied dance and choreography at California Institute of the Arts. This is where I started experimenting with sound. I wanted to create a soundscape for my choreography. Now I work in a similar way using samples of my voice in most of my tracks. I like to improvise with different tones and percussive sounds. It’s just one way of building my vocabulary. In general my music is a fantasia.’

Photo by Sasha Vernaeve
Text by Hannes Rooms

My music is a fantasia. It’s heavy and light but always truehearted

Golin plays The Sound Of The Belgian Underground, 28 January at AB, Brussels. This event is free for members. Join here.