Christine Denamur

In the exhausting whirlwind of new content uploaded every day on the net, some beautiful projects have the decency to remain well-kept secrets. Such is the case with Christine Denamur’s music. This young graphic designer from Grimbergen spent her teenage years making music but only decided recently to share her work with the world through her Soundcloud account. Playing skillfully with layers of sounds and voices, she succeeds in captivating our ears with her modern ballads and bewitching production. When asked how she would describe her sound, she’s reluctant to use the term ‘pop’ but admits it is a big part of her music’s identity. This ambivalence is reflected in her delicate compositions that have already been compared to FKA Twigs and Braids. There are currently only a few tracks available online but don’t despair: her first EP is coming out soon and two videoclips are on their way too.

Photo by Tiny Geeroms
Text by Nicolas Baudoin

I hate to say that my music gathers some “pop”, but it’s just a fact I guess

Christine Denamur plays The Sound Of The Belgian Underground, 28 January at AB, Brussels. This event is free for members. Join here.