Elusive producer AIR LQD, or Mehdi Kernachi irl, claims to have no background, thus living, acting and creating without any prepossession. As part of a scene not defined by location but merely by a common search for sonic explorations, he calls OKVLT (Paris), Unknown Precept (Berlin), Vastedechoses and Perfekt Function (Brussels) his family. He finds inspiration in today’s post-industrial society and the toxic imagery that comes with it. His brutalist rhythms and post-punk stylings reflect this inundation of our minds. But when producing Kernachi is mainly looking to surprise himself, which we guess is why he doesn’t collect a memory at all. We’re already hooked on the emergency and danger he adds to electronic music – borrowing as much from the slower industrial music of the past as from the speeded basement hysteria of rave culture.

Photo by Stine Sampers
Text by Hannes Rooms

Our scene is a little family where we grow together

AIR LQD plays The Sound Of The Belgian Underground, 28 January at AB, Brussels. This event is free for members. Join here.