Thalina Afya Konadu, a.k.a. Afia, is a singer, songwriter and producer from Antwerp who creates subtle experimental soul music. Afia’s mesmerising voice float on delicately constructed abstract beats. The artist definitely has that melancholic soul, but what makes her music so singular is the way she combines her vocals with soft experimental sounds. This is no surprise given her diverse influences, which go from Bob Marley to Amy Winehouse, from Bonobo to Flying Lotus. The self-taught singer and producer is half Belgian and half Ghanaian. Her father is a conga player, a percussionist and a rastafari. Listen to her track ‘St James Street’ and you’ll feel her cultural influences, too. ‘I’m trying to just do what feels right creatively and musically.’ And trust us, she does.

Photo by Stine Sampers
Text by Souria Cheurfi

I think my sound is a combination of the sounds I like; my music often has a feeling of melancholy, it seems

AFIA plays The Sound Of The Belgian Underground, 28 January at AB, Brussels. This event is free for members. Join here.