Amina Saâdi

Amina Saâdi made it into our 20-something list in June this year and designed the image for The Sound Of Belgian Underground 2018. She talks to us about the changes in her work since her residency in De Koer, what influences her personal aesthetic and her new interest for graffiti tags.

Interview by Lara Decrae

What have you learned and accomplished since beginning your residency?
Versailles was something natural for me. During my residency in De Koer, I’ve learned to work outside my comfort zone and I’ve discover more about what interests me in everyday life and how I want to work on it. During this residency, I’ve focused my interest on shops and especially on tea, a product that allows me to understand the neighbourhood and to link my experience with tea to my own network.

‘I’ve focused my interest on shops and especially on tea’

Can you tell us about your most recent projects and what has influenced them the most?
I work full time so I don’t have the possibility to initiate a lot of projects. The residency took me enough time and it’s not even finished (for me). But this year, I’ve also participated in creating a book about Brussels called Subjective Atlas of Brussels, initiated by Annelys de Vet (founder of Disarming Design of Palestine) during her project for the opening of the new MAD in Brussels. I’ve noticed two things while making this book: lots of graffiti tags are linked to districts in Versailles and Brussels and sometimes it looks like they want to impose their own district onto the other. I documented the tags (with photographs) from different zipcodes in Brussels but also how young people use them to delimit a zone to represent their neighbourhood. It’s something I’ve observed in Versailles and can link to the notion of territory again.


How does this differentiate from your earlier work as seen on the poster of @sobuiii?
Before, I worked more on the aestheticism, on the beauty of an image or a collage, on proportions. It was something really intuitive and spontaneous without theoretical research. I really enjoy experimenting and working manually as you can see in this work. The image for the poster was research made 7 years ago with an alcohol marker on a fashion shoot. Now I’m more interested in something real like social bonds and their link to territory .

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