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January Finds

Selected by Isaline, Hannes and Slagwerk


International Film Festival
24 Jan – 4 Febr, Rotterdam

Between 24 January and 4 February movie lovers should head to Rotterdam of the 47th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Hoping to generate discussions on important subjects through film, IFFR is showcasing renowned independent filmmakers such as Sean Baker, as well as artists that are yet to experience their international breakthrough. One of these is Ruben Desiere from Ghent, our film editor, and one of the founders of Sabzian. He’ll be presenting his latest film La Fleurière about three men digging a tunnel from a flower shop to a national bank.

Sucuk und Bratwurst

Frankfurt creative studio Sucuk und Bratwurst is run by Lessandro Belliero, David Gönner, Denis Olgac & Lukas Olgac. Over the years they’ve worked with clients like Nike, Adidas, Axe, and many more. Dedicated to the creation of computer-animated visuals, their aesthetic is inspired by technology, internet culture and brand logos, and they use all this to play with the claims of perfection asserted in advertising. They transform the usual methods of image generation into a vision of a utopia freed from human intervention. Despite that, their themes are loaded with emotion, poetry and metaphors. Using the technique of 3D animation they show that the computer world is not a vision of the future but already co-existing with the physical realm. Next to graphic design and making their own clothing they organise club nights all around Germany. Most recently they celebrated their three-year anniversary in Frankfurt with a free event featuring Drippin, Avbvrn, DJ Heroin and 100% HALAL, an alter-ego for their own  DJ project.


Another exciting yet less mysterious act is Aponogeton, the alias of Jachym Vandenabeele outta Bruges. Despite consistently making ambient compositions since 2011, he’s remained independent until today. If ‘ambient’ seems a bit vague, let us clarify. Aponogeton’s work and use of organic synths reminds us of Alessandro Cortini or Huerco S more than the contemporary/digital approach of, for example, Yves Tumor or SKY H1. A representative introduction to the man’s work is ‘This Concerns You’, where tension is carefully built by multiple layers of agitated synths with an ominous buzzing bass in the background. In line with his oeuvre, Aponogeton’s music is available on cassette distributed by Ghentian Wool-E Tapes.

Concrete Poetry
24 Jan — 25 Febr at Atelier Jespers, Brussels (free entrance)

Triggered by some pictures he made of Brutalist gems in Belgium and texts by Le Corbusier and Amédée Ozenfant from their journal L’Esprit Nouveau, Ghent-based artist Tim Onderbeke decided to curate an exhibition about the influence of Modernism on the Brutalist movement in post-war Belgium. Back in the fifties when Brutalism became one of the dominant architectural styles in the world, it was demonized and hated by many. Now the villain is making his comeback as a hero. This expo will pay tribute to the honest and pure beauty of Brutal architecture. Besides his photos of concrete buildings of well- and lesser-known Belgian architects like Juliaan Lampens, Paul Felix and Lode Wauters, Tim Onderbeke will show rare furniture pieces designed by these Brutalist architects. Highlighting the human feel of Brutalism, Onderbeke proves that Brutalism is more than raw concrete. It’s a perfect symbiosis between functionality and aesthetic beauty. It’s concrete poetry.