Crowd of Chairs

Photo by Tiny Geeroms
Text by Souria Cheurfi

Crowd of Chairs is a noisy, psychedelic rock band from Ghent. Their ingredients: vintage gritty guitars backed by a growling bass, battlefield drums and careless screams combined with mesmeric singing. Manu, Mitch and Benjamin don’t make the music they listen to, and don’t listen to the kind they play. It might sound like a paradox, but when you think about it, it demonstrates their inventiveness. The boys’ music is characterised as noisy, but it’s also intense and nervous. Because they’re so restless and easily bored, their music is in constant evolution: ‘We are very needy children. What are the coolest sounds you can make with the littlest effort possible, but not too comfortable just to keep us on the edge of our seats?’ You’ve been warned. Get ready to get up off your seat!

Our common ground is our impatience with people and life in general. Musically, this translates into energetic but exhausting music



Crowd of Chairs plays The Sound Of The Belgian Underground, 28 January at AB, Brussels. This event is free for members. Join here.