Le 77

Photo by Sasha Vernaeve
Text by Souria Cheurfi

Le 77 – which is the number of their happy house in Laeken – is a rap band comprising Félé Flingue, Peet, their beatmaker Morgan and their manager Rayan. The boys have very diverse backgrounds and musical tastes, which makes Le 77 an exciting blend. Morgan has a jazzy influence and his music has nothing to do with traditional hip hop. Félé and Peet rap on his beats with their sultry flow and a great stage presence. Their lyrics are catchy and comic, just like their characters. Those of you who already know Le 77 have probably heard them say the word ‘bawlers’ many times. Well, the meaning of it is quite simple: a bawler is someone who has the balls. Let’s find out if they really do.

The audience is always on fire in Belgium – even in Flanders, where they don’t understand our lyrics. They catch our vibe and it’s great


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