miXmass festival

In collaboration with Antwerp-based baroque band Baroque Orchestration X, deSingel is organizing miXmass on 5 and 6 January. They’re hosting several musicians and bands from the indie scene across the globe in order to create genre-bending new sounds and building bridges between audiences. We made a list of those you should go and see at the festival.

6 January at 23:45

This indie rock band from Copenhagen is always trying out different things. After playing Belgium quite a few times, they took a little break in 2014 to reinvent themselves. They came back with their own radio station (The Lake or as they say: ‘the antithesis of commercial radio’), a brand new band (Liima), and an opera written alongside Danish composer Karsten Fundal. We’ll be hearing the result on this special evening.

5 January at 20:00

This Icelandic musician experiments with country, blues and rock, mixing the wonderful linguistics of both the Icelandic and English language through his recognisable and one of kind voice. His music tends to be very soft and emotional, yet it wouldn’t be the first time the entire concert hall ends up dancing.

And They Spoke in Anthems
5 January at 20:00

And They Spoke in Anthems is the pseudonym of Arne Leurentop, a talented Belgian artist playing over four instruments. He released his first album in 2014 after a long trip to Australia and calls his songs ‘musical travel stories’.

6 January at 00:45

Tijs Delbeke has been working in the shadows for way too long now. After playing alongside Warhaus, Dez Mona (also playing miXmass) and his own band Sir Yes Sir, he recently launched his first solo project in a series of videos that represent a different chapter, called The Becoming Of Nightman. Prepare for a very intimate and dark set.

miXmass takes place at deSingel, Antwerp on 5 and 6 January. Info & tickets here.