Photo by Catherine Lemblé
Text by Nicolas Baudoin

Our main influences are everyday encounters. And that delivers us a rather pessimistic outlook on society

Industrial estates and bleak suburban façades follow one another at a mind-numbingly dreary pace in the music video for ‘Knopen’ by Ghent trio Vaal. Exuding a heavy, claustrophobic yet captivating aura, they’re the perfect match for the music of Timo Bonneure, Arjen Verswijvelt and Jelle Wulleman. Vaal’s minimalistic style conjures up the depressing greyness of Belgium and somehow turn it into hypnotising ambient tracks, flirting with noise. From time to time, vocals emerge from this gloomy fog and – guess what? – it only makes it better. With their truly unique experimental approach and their cold-wave undertones, Vaal is without a doubt one of the rising talents of 2017.

Vaal plays The Sound Of The Belgian Underground, 28 January at AB, Brussels. This event is free for members. Join here.