Soda Plains

Soda Plains’s music has all kind of temperatures, using music in an experimental way and producing a sound we haven’t heard before. The man is finally paying Brussels a visit this month, so we caught up with the Berlin producer and had a talk about ongoing projects, the artistic spirit and how the H4artbroken parties are bringing emotion to the club space.


You are playing He4rtbroken, Brussels soon. Are parties like this one different from others you play?
I have been following He4rtbroken/Liyo and Stef for a couple of years now and have been wanting to play it for a while, so I am very excited!

I think they bring a lot of their own personality to the event, which is very infectious. Its amazing to see them touring more and more. I really appreciate that the party embraces ‘emotion’ in the club space, something that is often neglected. I think it very much suits me and the structure of my sets which very much prioritise emotion and melody over function.

How would you describe your music?
High passion.

Do you have other artistic projects aside from making music?
I am on and off designing/producing furniture (though not necessarily artistic).

We could consider you some sort of experimental musician. What’s your artistic identity like and is it changing?
I have many different projects in motion, some of them more experimental and some more ‘mainstream’ and future collaborations will bring these different personas into play. Production is very much the centre of my process but I think I tend to bounce between very different sonic spaces… I try and not value consistency too highly.

What are you currently working on?
I recently released a track called ‘Idler’, the first in a series of singles out in the next few months. I kind of envisaged this antique club sound, and with the series I’m developing a long standing idea of merging music from different eras but still trying to keep it playfully disorientating.

Soda Plains plays He4rtbroken, 9 December at Beursschouwburg, Brussels. The show is free for members before midnight. Join here.