NEXT Festival

NEXT Festival has always been a forerunner for the theatre scene in Belgium and France. A lot of the performances in this festival find their way into the calendars of other venues afterwards. This festival is paving the way for the hip and happening in theatre. This is our must-see list.

Text by Lara Decrae

Kicking the dead in 31 short episodes
(or less or more)
9, 10 and 11 Nov – Budascoop, Kortrijk

A report on how art and culture are affected by a history of violence. Walid Raad weaves a story that both deals with the waves of violence from the Middle East to the Westhoek and the foundation of new museums in the Arab world, such as the recently built branch of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

21 Pornographies
21 Nov – Budascoop, Kortrijk

(c) Marc Domage

A dance solo by Danish choreographer Mette Ingvartsen about the way pornography has influenced our society. She brings together many different aspects that go into the making of pornography and tells the story of its origin and its connection to power and liberty.

To come (extended)
23  Nov – Schouwburg, Kortrijk
25 Nov – Le Phénix, Valenciennes

(c) Jens Sethzman

Another piece by Mette Ingvartsen that is a remake of one of her earlier works about bodies which, in this performance, are dressed in blue full-body suits. Fifteen anonymous figures show us what happens in private in a public setting, displaying different positions all in order to reach that one point of ultimate satisfaction.

18 and 19 Nov – Budascoop, Kortrijk

Sacrifice is a four-part ritual mini-festival about art and religion, full of visual art, pop music, theatre and dance. The Icelandic couple Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhansson examined the disturbed relationship between art and religion and concluded that both thrive on rituals. They invite three visual artists to design new rituals together, meant for all religions and ethnic backgrounds.


NEXT Festival presents Sacrifice, Budascoop, Kortrijk, 18 November.
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