Love letter


by Guillaume Kidula,
curator of the festival

Starting the work of this third edition (we’re talking administration, accountancy, subsidies dossier and other enjoyable tasks), at the very moment where you get to ask yourself if all this free time wouldn’t be better spent with your friends, families or binge watching Netflix, we received a message :

‘I had an opportunity to follow Schiev festival for the last two editions which took place at Beursschouwburg. I was pleased by selective, cutting edge, powerful and sometimes scientific line-up programming choices which combined together, unfortunately, even with the best intentions, sometimes mutate into cumbersome music-geek friends-only festivals. However, it is not the case when we talk about Schiev. Artistically assertive programming decisions wrapped into “simple music festival” format created somehow harmonious feeling of lightness, subtlety as well as welcoming and diverse audience-friendly environment which did not overshadow creativity but, to the contrary, contributed to the empowerment of the regular viewer to come and to discover more.’

Launching Schiev three years ago, we had a clear idea of where we wanted the festival to go, and which kind of relationship we wanted to develop with the audience. But it’s not always so easy to know if you’re heading in the right direction, or if what you’re trying to propose is understood. That message made us blush and gave us the confirmation that we’re heading in the right direction. We hope to see you at Schiev this year, and now you know, we love to receive love letters ☺

Schiev is happening between 10 and 12 November at Beursschouwburg, Brussels. Day 3 of the festival is free for members.