Kim Berly

Raised by Kacey, a famous pole dancer, and Benji, the bouncer of club Amnesia, Kim was still very young when she became one of the most important party hosts in Ibiza. At the age of 25, she got hit by a couple of super strong laser lights; after this tragic incident, Kim went blind, forcing her to wear a pressure mask for life. In its vanity, Ibiza ditched an amazing host. But this one’s a survivor, turning loss into creativity and genius. Looking for love and intimacy through the way of music and dance, Kim is trying to get her confidence back in the underground scene, and we’re confident she’s already getting there. VOL 1. is Kim’s first mixtape and it’s amazing.

Come see her at In De Ruimte, Ghent on November 8, as the support of FAKA. The show is free for members and their +1. Join here.