Carte Blanche

The Trans Generation

I live in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain, Europe, The World. This weekend the Catalan people were repressed by their government because they wanted to organise a vote that would determine the future course of their region. Even though there is a lot to say about the process towards this event —the dialogue that never opened, and a campaign that was ruled only by separatists that were unable to answer questions about the future— the world watched quietly how robotic police officers beat down civilians in a city that saw itself flooded by the constitutional dick waving of their national president. This third of October, the Catalan people reacted to what happened and organised a general strike in Cataluña.

Words by Valerie Steenhaut
Video by Indra Zabala

I saw my friends manifesting in the street of Barcelona. I saw them carrying Catalan flags even though some do not believe in becoming a country of their own. We have had many hours of intense debate, yet we have shouted out our disgust to each other, communal, always, on current world and political affairs, no matter which country we come from, no matter which language we spoke at the time.

I saw my friends manifesting in the streets of Barcelona. I saw how they used this conflict as a catalyst to cry out the suffering and frustration our generation feels on a daily basis, on a global scale. We are tired. We are fed up with a system and a conjunction of political programmes and parties that do not represent our generation, our thoughts, our beliefs and our hopes for the future. They chose not to listen.

I like to believe we are The Trans Generation, Trans in this context meaning beyond, and embracing a plural reality. We go beyond left or right-wing; we only believe in justice and acceptance for the people, help for those who ask for it. We are beyond European, we feel part of the world while we cherish the cultures we grew up in. We go beyond gender, we are simply a loving body and mind. We go beyond neoliberal capitalism, want to oblige its economy to accept reality and take care of the earth and the unprivileged suffering from its greed. We urge for more understanding, more decisions that include long term visions of a multicultural society in which the individual is both free and part of the collective. We want a government that supports and includes all of us, one that speaks for society rather than for his/her own agenda.

I saw my friends manifesting in the streets of Barcelona because there is no one out there to represent our Generation. I saw our anger, a desperate cry for change, and I saw how our words got expropriated by Nationalists and the Spanish power, by media and supporters of both fighting parties. Once again, they chose not to listen.

I saw our need for a new radicalism, the one we collectively feel flowing inside our bodies. Today I learned the full definition of being Trans, how powerful it is, and how Trans our generation really is.

Let us please open the dialogue in order to find ways of Transpassing the dreadful reality we still find ourselves in. Let us take the streets once more, a lot more, and let our voices be heard so we can found a Trans state, one without labels, one that is open for debate and hearing different voices —one which includes these voices as equals—, one with politicians whom I do not have to explain multiple issues we as a generation have since long Transpassed, so we can guide those who haven’t learned yet, together. I want to see more friends manifesting in the streets of Barcelona.







For those living in Spain, tomorrow at 12 we are manifesting for more conversation and understanding. Full info here.