Recent Finds


Finissage HonkyTonk
6 October at ABC Klubhuis, Antwerp
free entrance

Newest member of the Antwerp art family, ABC Klubhuis, is celebrating the end of its debut expo, HonkyTonk. For the exhibition the five Icelandic founders of this fresh art space (Baldvin Einarsson, Guðlaug Mía Eyþórsdóttir, Helgi Þórsson, Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir and Valgerður Sigurðardóttir) went over their ABCs and tipped their hats to Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Dieter Roth and other wonderful people from the European mainland. On top of this finissage, ABC Klubhuis is throwing a welcome party for their new friend and club member whose identity is currently under wraps. The only thing we know is that he’s a German jazz machine who’s in need for your sweet company to take his first steps into his new home.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)
20 October at NEST, Ghent
free entrance

After two successful editions held at KERK, BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) moves to NEST to light up the walls of this former library. BYOB is a global ‘open source’ exhibition format initiated by digital artist Rafaël Rozendaal. The principle is easy-peasy: you need a space, artists and projectors. For this edition organisers Nerdlab and Cultuur Gent will host around 100 artists to project their films, visuals, digital art and everything in between. Expect an evening of eclectic and interesting art that will push the boundaries of the medium ‘projection’ and brighten your casual Saturday night.

every Wednesday from 10 to 11pm

This fall the schedule of BRUZZ, Brussels’ Dutch radio station, includes a weekly broadcast hosted by PERRON ZES. Started as an online-only show, it’ll now be traditionally aired. Expect electronica-without-boundaries and hybrid club music, showcased through new releases and guest mixes from underground heavyweights or local upcoming artists. PERRON ZES, named for the founders’ favourite hangout spot, platform 6 at Brussels-North, is a multidisciplinary collective that provides a platform for young qualitative artists to develop in a creative surrounding. Aside from hosting expositions and events like UNDERWATER in Bonnefooi, Recylart and Fuse, PERRON ZES also run a clothing brand and have multiple graphic designers among their ranks. Tune in on 98.8FM, every Wednesday from 10 to 11pm.

Lean Chihiro

Parisian model and rapper Lean Chihiro only turns 18 this month but is already firmly on our radar. Still experimenting with sound, flow and productions it might be too soon to define her musical style accurately, but her latest track, summer hunter, is catchy as hell and now supported by no less than two video clips. The slightly older Kush Box also shows Chihiro’s potential. Thematically she draws a lot inspiration from Japanese culture and anime – not especially surprising given that ‘Chihiro’ is a Japanese name that means ‘thousand fathoms’. She mainly sings in English but slips in some Japanese and French verses every now and then. Oh, and did we mention that this self-proclaimed sad girl princess calls Tommy Genesis her BFF.

OST Good Time
by Oneohtrix Point Never

Set in the gritty streets of New York City, Ben and Josh Safdie’s latest feature is not your typical heist film. Good Time is the story of two brothers, played by Robert Pattinson and Ben Safdie, whose botched robbery results in the latter’s incarceration and the former’s attempts to bail him out, with ambiguous intentions and consequences. The film’s uniqueness is in no small part due to the jarring environment imparted by Oneohtrix Point Never’s soundtrack, which not only heightens the anxiety of the movie-watching experience but also underscores the complexity of the characters themselves. Often reminiscent of Carpenter’s VHS aesthetic by way of Tangerine Dream kosmische-ness, the score is laden with textures and sound bites that magnify the story’s pinched tension. We highly recommend it for headphone listening during a walk through ominous city landscapes. And don’t miss the avant premiere of Good Time at UGC Antwerp on 12 October – it’s free for members!

Dodonaeus Digital Arts Festival
13-15 October

This month, from 13 to 15 October, Mechelen will be making an unlikely name for itself as the go-to destination for some of the most interesting and cutting-edge offerings in experimental art. The Dodonaeus Digital Arts Festival will be spread over three days and four locations where over a dozen artists will present their work in the form of electronic music, projections, installations and much more, in honour of the 500th anniversary of Mechelen physicist Rembert Dodoens. Honourable mentions: the nature/machine cross-pollinating works of Biomodd, the icy futurism of Resonance Visuals, and performances by perennial favourites Milan W., Orphan Fairytale and Charlemagne Palestine.