The best of KVS
season 2017-2018

We’ve co-promoted an impressive selection of performances and we’re continuing this – for sure – this season. Lara , our in-house expert, selected her favourites of the KVS programme in 2017-2018. Good news! Most of them are free for Subbacultcha members. We’re expecting you!

Selection and text by Lara Decrae

Beyond the Binary
18 October
20.30 – €17 – free for members

Beyond the Binary is a night of performances, honouring queer narratives and voices who speak and create out of the ordinary. The audience will be invited to re-imagine existing categorisations into more open thinking and acting. This night will include performances from, among others, the London-based collective Sorry You Feel Uncomfortable and the Brussels’ Recognition.

Slow #03
24-25 November
20.30 – €17 – free for members

In an attempt to depict the artistic undercurrent of the street of Brussels to the stage, SLOW (Slam our World) gives us a unique artistic perspective of our world. For the third edition, the Slow-crew has traveled to Kinshasa to work on experimental video poems and KVS is inviting those slam poets to their stage in November.

Do You Wanna Play With Me
TBC – €17 – free for members

‘Do you wanna play with me? I am a digital native. The Internet is my nationality.’

Sometimes it’s better to invent a world than be bored. Sometimes it’s better to meet someone online than be alone. This performance is one on love in the time of internet. After, Elle(s), a performance based on the legendary lothario Don Juan, writing, directing and performing theatre-maker Sylvie Landuyt will be premiering a performance game through a mixture of online dating, webcam girls, role playing, sex and robots this 2018 in a KVS and MARS production.

Drarrie in de nacht

The actors from Malcolm X, Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens, have been working on a new performance, based on the novel, Drarrie in de nacht, by Fikry El Azzouzi. The writer won the Ark Prize of the Free Word for this praised novel. Btw ‘drarries’ are homies. Apart from each other, there is no one they can trust or rely on.

Rise Up!

Sukina Douglas is a London girl who has created some controversy with her muslim hip-hop duo – alongside her friend Muneera Rashida – called Poetic Pilgrimage. In the past these girls expressed their social and personal issues through their rhymes so now Douglas has teamed up with KVS for an interactive poetry project. In memory of the attacks in Brussels she has interviewed loads of different inhabitants of the city. In Rise Up! she will celebrate our shared resilience and new understanding of our shifting society.

From Molenbeek With Love

You might know Yassin Mrabtifi from Ultima Vez, Wim Vandekeybus’ company. But he has been dancing since he was thirteen, an autodidact learning in the train and metro stations of Brussels. Yassin Mrabtifi mixes pop culture, contemporary dance, film, martial arts and hip hop in his work. From Molenbeek with Love is his first solo performance as a choreographer and dancer.


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