Photo Essay

Kirin J Callinan

For many of us it might not seem very clear why Kirin J Callinan – the experimental singer-songwriter Aussie who embraces weirdness and kitschiness – is on the rise. His music is an ode to the kind of tunes you’ve always told yourself you never liked because it wasn’t probably niche enough. However, as the beats kick in and you reach the chorus, the song becomes a real banger and you start wondering if you might not have been lying to yourself. The occasional nut-sack on display in his Instagram posts also awakens your perverted side. The explanation to his popularity is probably in there somewhere, in the dude’s magical skill at making bad taste resonate deep inside you.

Photos by Gavriel Maynard, shot in Sydney, Australia

Kirin J Callinan and BEA1991 are playing Nest (Democrazy), Ghent tonight. The show is free for members. Join here.