Recent Finds


Le Dernier Cri
21-22 September

For those who enjoy the ins and outs of the publishing underworld, here’s something great to look at: the brainchild of Marseille fixture Pakito Bolino, Le Dernier Cri is a publishing house like no other. Specialising in heavily layered silkscreens and pressing a limited amount of prints, Bolino’s work is as intrinsic as it is subversive, often using several colours to give extra depth to the myriad books, posters and other printed goodies he churns out. You’ll get a chance to check out his work at Sterput in Brussels on 21 September, where he will exhibit alongside French cartoonish Mattt Konture followed by a second serving at Cinema Nova on the 22nd.

Sound of the Belgian Underground III
Image by Amina Saâdi

Because it’s never too early to get psyched: Sound of the Belgian Underground, our biannual foray into our little land’s current soundscape, is already taking shape. As always, this sonic rendezvous will take place at the AB in Brussels, and will include ten of the most trailblazing acts Belgium has to offer – la crème de la crème van België – as well as a record fair for Belgian labels to strut their stuff. Mark your calendars for 28 January 2018 and be part of the new year’s reception for the underground. 

Lait de Coco

Because Liège just won’t stop blowing our minds, we’re seriously digging this new collective that is making a name for itself through good vibrations and sunny sounds; indeed, if you’re looking to pack some heat, Lait de Coco is the answer. Counting names like Mil0, Jeuneclyde and BB.Bok (who were all at this summer’s Supervue festival, by the way), these guys get into everything from dancehall to ambient to kuduro to crunk, bringing some flavour and colour to our glum flatlands. Check out their latest mix made entirely by Liège-based producers, free via Soundcloud!


This month, Golin – the artist and 20-somethinger formerly known as Rin – will begin a one-year residency at Beursschouwburg. Adding to the momentum will be the release of her EP, Momo, and to mark the occasion a free (free!) launch party will take place on 22 September. With a lineup including frequent collaborators and Subbafaves Kassett, doro, samuelspaniel and more, the evening promises not only a glimpse into Golin’s current artistic direction but also what the future of the Brussels electronic music scene is shaping up to be. Be part of that scene on the 22nd at Beursschouwburg!


The Ghent-based STOFWOLK is a collective run for and by young artists with the aim of encouraging collaborations between established and up-and-coming artists and focusing on spatial-based projects. Last year they were able to invade _Plek for a project called What’s in the basement, where a handful of artists from different disciplines were asked to ponder this question and interact with each other in order to provide an answer. This year they’re at it again – same place but different question. Details are still sketchy so keep an eye on their website if you want to know this year’s question and, by extension, its answer.

Neverland Clan

Back in 2016 they were hailed as ‘the most right now group of right now’ by i-D, but the UK’s Neverland Clan have already transcended relevancy. In the same vein as SMIB et al., Neverland Clan are a collective churning out a multiverse that embraces music, fashion, art and everything in between. Ryan Hawaii, Omelet, Okimi and Daniel OG are the main figureheads with their individual projects and solo acts, but together they combine their skills to weld their own weird vision heavily rooted in DIY and punk aesthetics. Perhaps ‘the Odd Future of the future’ is just as fitting.