Fred und Luna – AV (June 23, 1938 – July 16, 2016)

Elsewhere MCMXIII is an adventurous compilation on débruit’s ICI label selected by dj SoFa. For this compilation dj SoFa did what he’s known for: presenting you music from all over the world in all kinds of fascinating genres. He hand picked 12 tracks which take you on a journey through future retro oddities in disco, coldwave and kraut. We had the honour to premiere our favourite track from this great compilation. With its warm and analogue kraut-elektro sound ‘AV (june 23, 1938 –  July 16, 2016)’, by German producer Fred Und Luna, makes us swoon in the office. The track is a homage to Alan Vega; the dates in the title are his date of birth and death. You can order the full release here!