The Sound Of Me

Jasper Moonen

Music — this thing that is as much part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we’re going through the perks of early mornings or in search of the perfect catalyst to get a party started, we all have a mental playlist for specific memories and moments. Since here at Subbacultcha music is essential to our existence, we decided that from now on, every month, we’ll ask an artist to take some time to reflect on moments in life and the music that completed them. This month we’re asking Jasper Moonen, head of program at Kavka, Antwerp and promotor of  Next Level Shit, So You Think You Can Funk and Stoofpot amongst others.

Picture by Jules Bossier


A song for waking up

My alarm clock is set to play Klara when I wake up; a perfect timing for a perfect start of your day. Woke up a while ago while this song of Maurice Ravel was playing. One of the best days of the year, I’ll tell you that

A song for work

Guess no one is going to believe me on this one, but my colleagues can confirm. If I really have to focus on a document I’m editing or if I’m binging my emails it’s Black Metal/Death Metal/Grindcore all the way. Just me and my headphones, woohoow!

A song for nostalgic moments

I always asked to put on this song in the car when I was a child. Only problem was that I didn’t know who it was or what it was called. I only knew my parents sometimes played it at home, so it took a while before I could actively search for the song myself. Happiest and most nostalgic moment when I finally found it in my parents’ collection.

A song that boosts your creativity

When I’m at home I play African grooves and Latin/Caribbean genres most of the time. Next to magnificent dancing material, some funky stuff is out there as well like this song from the Colombia based Cumbia act Meridian Brothers. It’s at moments like these most of my ideas are formed, or at least the ones that get written down or I actually remember afterwards. A lot of crazy ideas just pop up in my head all the time (laughs)

A song for going out

The hardest one to pick as I love going out to almost any kind of music. I’m gonna go with one of my last amazing moments; it was 8AM on the first or second day (can’t recall) of the Waking Life festival last summer in Portugal. I was asleep in my tent when this song popped up on the Floresta stage. When I woke up my feet were already dancing while my eyes were still shut. I rushed to the stage, danced like a maniac till the song was over and that’s pretty much the end of it. PPK was the last song of the night, an early 00’s TMF airplayed trance hit inspired remix. Magical moment, wonderful festival. Still don’t know who played the song unfortunately, didn’t have a timetable.

A song for relaxing

This song tells you to take a seat, close your eyes and relax. I start to wander all up in the clouds when I put on a Mark Pritchard record. Perfect if I don’t want to think about anything at all.





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