Photo Essay


Veteran Subba members will be familiar with our long-term bud ssaliva, a prolific sound trailblazer. Today, we’re bringing another side of the man. For many years, ssaliva has been documenting places as ethereal as his music, another compulsive and lonely process that has led him to accumulate thousands of strange, escapist mental landscapes. On his latest project, Greenery, a live coding platform generating infinite new landscapes in motion guided by the pulse of his music, ssaliva is finally blurring the limits between his explorations in sounds and spaces. The project is to be premiered at the next He4rtbroken night.

Previews of Greenery, screenshot on the web


ssaliva plays Heartbroken x Garages Numeriques on 16 Sep at Galerie Horta, Brussels. The party is free for members before midnight. Become one here.