Bozar Electronic Arts Festival

Over several days BEAF presents the broadest possible view over the electronic arts, at the cutting edge of art and technology. Its beats will resonate through Brussels’ Centre for Fine Arts from 14 till 30 September. Here are the highlights you can’t miss, selected by BEAF curator Marc Jacobs.

Sote feat. Tarik Barri

This is a commissioned project by CTM and features new work by Iranian musician Ata Ebtekar aka Sote. He has delivered hard techno tracks on labels such as Warp and Sub Rosa, but for this project he strips down his electronics to create something more abstract and fluid. For Sacred Horror in Design he collaborates with 2 other musicians from Iran playing traditional instruments, and the project is visually enhanced by Dutch artist Tarik Barri who is at the forefront of live visual culture. This project doesn’t remind me of anything else so it’s very exciting and enables us to have a glimpse of the thriving experimental music scene of Iran.

The Bug vs Dylan Carlson of Earth

Two personal heroes of mine that have marked my musical journeys. I’m not necessarily into crossovers, but this one makes sense. They both have paved paths for new approaches in exploratory music, and have a common intensity while exploring the bass and the drone in all its extremes. I am very curious to hear how this will sound in the excellent acoustics of the Henry Le Boeuf hall.


When we think about our programme for BEAF we think it is very important to underline the history and evolution of electronic music, for a better understanding of what is happening today. The passing on of that legacy is one of our missions. Phew is a representative of the excellent and referential Japanese experimental musical scene. She is being rediscovered now. The way she manages to put emotions in her output, both in the machines she uses and in her physicality is incomparable to any other performer.

Ben Frost

This will be the third time he performs at BEAF. By the Throat is definitely a classic album of organic ‘electronic’ music, so I think he has become a major player in the left field music arena. He makes the link between various musical approaches and genres. And he knows how to deliver live, he knows and understands his sound perfectly and how it can affect an audience.

BEAF takes place between 14 and 30 September at Bozar. More info – #beaf2017