Only the Lonely

As embers fizzle out and the sun goes back into hiding, it seems like even the crickets have somewhere better to be. Summer is waning and, with it, the dreaminess of endless sun-kissed afternoons. Our land is not a sympathetic one; come September, it suddenly hurls us into an unforgiving lurch towards the greyness and isolation of watery skies, of cranky containment. But were it not for those lonely hours, nothing worthwhile would get made: they lend themselves to contemplation, to creation, to the appreciation of the time spent on your own and the time you eventually share with others.


Words By Gabriela González
Editors in chief: Herlinde Raeman & Kasper-Jan Raeman
Magazine editors: Julien Van de Casteele & Gabriela González
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Design: Chloe D’hauwe
Image front cover : Kasia Zacharko

Contributing writers: Gabriela González, Julien Van de Casteele, Liyo Gong, Zofia Ciechowska, Callum McLean,  Isaline Raes, Hannes Rooms, Sabzian, Anaïs Violet Vaneldere, Laura Ramos, Bart Bruneel, Denis Wouters & Valerie Steenhaut

Contributing photographers: Tiny Geeroms, Kasia Zacharko, Eriver Hijano, Miles Fischler & Femke Fredrix

Contributing artists: Gabriela González, Bram Demunter & François Boulanger

Partners: Botanique, Beursschouwburg, Het Bos, GEWADRUPO, Vooruit, Democrazy, Circa, Campo, Cactus, ICC Distribution, Extra City, deSingel, In De Ruimte, Madame Moustache, JauneOrange, PopKatari, Heartbroken, De Koer, Bozar, Toneelhuis, FOMU, BPS22, KASK Cinema, Argos, Cinema Zuid, Cinematek & M HKA