Photo Essay


There’s a group of independent creators turning heads in Amsterdam: SMIB Worldwide, made up in 2014 by GRGY, Ray Fuego and KC, later joined by Tads Thots, GHQST, Dess Finesse, Fosa YG and Kut Mug. They’re an industrious collective dropping EPs, mixtapes, merchandise and clothing lines – all without breaking a sweat. They riled up devoted crowds at Appelsap festival and have become an act you can’t miss live or online – check out their beats on Soundcloud, Squad TV on YouTube, style on Tumblr – plus they’ve been known to venture into the local art scene in A’dam

Text by Roxy Merrell



We started spelling words backwards, like a sort of slang. That’s when Larry (manager) came up with SMIB, that’s ‘“bims” backwards, it stands for Bijlmer. Where we’re from

SMIB plays Different Class at 019 in Ghent on 26 August. The festival is free for members. Join here.