The Sound Of Me

DTM Funk

Music — this thing that is as much part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we’re going through the perks of early mornings or in search of the perfect catalyst to get a party started, we all have a mental playlist for specific memories and moments. Since here at Subbacultcha music is essential to our existence, we decided that from now on, every month, we’ll ask an artist to take some time to reflect on moments in life and the music that completed them.

This month we’re asking David Tricot Mizero aka DTM Funk, a sound beat battle organiser and curator of events in Antwerp who loves to give that little extra push and a stage to the young talents of tomorrow.

A song for nostalgic moments

This track reminds me of the period right before I went to Africa for a few months. My friends and I would come together at the parking lot of the local swimming pool in Hemiksem, my home town. We shared musical treasures with each other and this was one of them. I haven’t forgotten about it ever since. The entire bad season mixtape is definitely worth listening to.

A song for going out

You wouldn’t expect this is a song to get you in the ‘going out’ mood, but I love it when an artist surprises me with a non-danceable song. The last couple of months I started several sets using this song.

A song that boosts your creativity

When hearing Oumou Sangare’s voice you automatically get a boost of positivity. This track always fits, even at my funeral.

A song for the road

Nothing better than a dose of footwork for on the road. Listening to tracks from DJ Rashad is strongly advised for being on the road.

A song for relaxing

I’m a huge fan of DJ Assault’s releases. They go from house and booty to electro and funk. This one has a high level of smoothness and ghetto. I can’t imagine a better combo to relax to. Definitely check out all old releases on his label Assault Rifle Records.


DTM Funk organizes Feest met ijsjes at Het Bos, Antwerp in July. The party with DJ Katapila on 13 July is free for Subbacultcha members. Join here