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July 2017


Between 12 and 16 July, the town of Dour will once more see its horizons expanded in the most melodious way. And this year’s Dour festival looks to be a pilgrimage worth undertaking, with headliners like M.I.A, NAS, Die Antwoord, Earl Sweatshirt and too many trailblazers to name in one breath. Besides perennial favourites like Alex Cameron and Blanck Mass as well as local sweethearts Robbing Millions, Zwangere Guy and Roméo Elvis, we here at Subba have more ideas about which acts you absolutely cannot miss this year. Our picks: hip hop collective Le 77 with their soulful, vibrant vibes; British producer Powell laying out his electro-rock sound experiments; young glam-rock prodigies The Lemon Twigs who may well be living in the wrong decade; Berlin-based Palms Trax with his heavy Detroit-/Chicago-infused brand of house; and Wastelands ’15 alum Rejjie Snow bringing it all the way home with his melancholic, chill-inducing flow. In short: see you there!


Brussels Starterpacks

Is it a visual guide for new arrivals in the Belgian capital, or perhaps a pictorial encyclopedia of all the elements that make Brussels Brussels? Whatever the case, the images found on Brussels Starterpacks are instantly recognisable and perhaps even relatable for anyone who’s ever spent enough time in this strange little city. Entire scenes are reduced to four vignettes and a caption, and the results are as hilarious as they are spot on. A turtleneck, a bike, sneakers and the Supra Bailly are the ‘I’m a design student at the ERG’ starter pack, and a lot of us would blush upon realising the Arthoe De Brussel had us in mind. You’d have to be from here to get it, or you’d have to make the move and get a starter pack of your own.



until 30 Jul
Gouvernement, Ghent
free entrance

Vive la fête! During the Gentse Feesten when the city is on the brink of insanity, art space Gouvernement will celebrate the ‘Homo Festivus’ with an orgiastic art festival. As true Masters of Ceremony, 20 artists from varied disciplines – including Bert Jacobs, Charlotte Adigéry & Nicole Twister, Joris Van de Moortel and Pieter Ampe –  will invite you to surrender yourselves to their musical, performative and visual reflections on celebration, transcendence and rituals.

Like the smell of sweat and poor beer that rises from the Vlasmarkt days after the Ghentian saturnalia, Gouvernement will exhibit the physical traces of these artistic interventions as one big ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ from 27 until 30 July.


Clone Records 25

This month, Kompass Club in Ghent will be hosting an evening slated to be unmissable and unforgettable for lovers of cutting-edge electronic music. On the eve of their 25th anniversary, legendary Dutch label Clone Records is going all out with their Return To The Future Tour, bringing stalwart acts like Legowelt, Conforce and Serge to do what they do best: groundbreaking weirdo electronics that bust open your sensorial chambers to ooze their way into your mind and body. It’s happening July 8 – time to be part of history from the future.