The Sound Of Me

Le Motel

Music — this thing that is as much part of our life as it shapes it. Whether we’re going through the perks of early mornings or in search of the perfect catalyst to get a party started, we all have a mental playlist for specific memories and moments. Since here at Subbacultcha music is essential to our existence, we decided that from now on, every month, we’ll ask an artist to take some time to reflect on moments in life and the music that completed them. This month we’re asking Fabien Leclercq, also known as Le Motel

A song that helps you focus

Maurizio – MØ6B (edit): This dub techno classic totally helps me focus while working on my graphic designs.  It’s very minimal and hypnotic. I could listen to it on repeat without noticing it and it can help when you have to do repetitive actions. The whole M-Series is dope and ingeniously produced but I particularly love the aquatic vibes on this one.

A song for going out

I’m a super fan of this guy’s groove. It’s totally hip hop and house, hard and smooth at the same time, killer on the dance floor. Check his label Bobby Donny.

A song for relaxing

It’s the first track of the PAN « mono no aware » ambient compilation and it instantly brings me into a relaxing state of mind. There’s a very subtle PNL sample hidden somewhere. Genius.

A song for on the road

I think the entire Boards Of Canada discography is made to be listened to on the road, especially on a train. I took a 50-hour train ride from Chicago to San Francisco and I was listening to their album looking at the landscapes moving. I’ve got very warm and profound memories of those landscapes thanks to their music.

A song for your funeral

It’s really hard to describe what I feel when I hear this track. I remember being seated on bench when I was listening to this track (and their entire crooks and lovers album) during the summer a few years ago. I listened to it on repeat for hours without moving and in my mind I traveled far away from this bench. It’s so simple and powerful. The live version is also magical.

A song that makes you sad

A super deep cocktail of feelings.


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