Sunburned Summer

Like the white markings left by pressing fingers on red skin, summer blazes its way through our habitually pasty surrounds and just as quickly ditches us with only a golden glow or a scorched back to remember it by. So no time to waste, because options abound: festivals in the city and in the middle of nowhere, rad kids connecting over pastis on the Ghent docks, sights to see, braincells to simultaneously enhance and ruin. Before you know it, you’ll be back to the old grind. So ignore the jetlag and ditch the lotion – let the sunburn define you this time around.

Cover Subbacultcha Belgium Summer 2017


Front cover: Guillaume Blondiau
Words By Gabriela González
Editors in chief: Herlinde Raeman & Kasper-Jan Raeman
Magazine editors: Julien Van de Casteele & Gabriela González
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Design: Chloe D’hauwe

Contributing writers: Gabriela González, Julien Van de Casteele, Rafael Severi, Alexandre Ermakov, Isaline Raes, Hannes Rooms, Sabzian, Anaïs Violet Vaneldere, Blanche Didier, Bart Bruneel, Denis Wouters & Valerie Steenhaut

Contributing photographers: Tiny Geeroms, Guillaume Blondiau, Tony Alvazez, Igor Termenon, Sasha Mademuaselle, Tina Herbots & Femke Fredrix

Contributing artists: Gabriela González, Talitha De Decker, Compagnie Frieda, Kuiperskaai, Reynout Dekimpe & Bartel Jespers

Partners: Botanique, Beursschouwburg, Het Bos, GEWADRUPO, Vooruit, Democrazy, MSK, Bozar, Toneelhuis, Ancienne Belgique, Jazz Middelheim, Bilbo, Leffingeleuren, FOMU, Fortune Collective, 019, Boomtown, Rock Zerkegem, Supervue Festival, Deep In House, Micro Festival, BPS22, KASK Cinema, Argos, Cinema Zuid, Cinematek & M HKA