Leonardo Van Dijl

Age: 26
Location: Brussels

You might know him for the slick videos he’s made for Oscar and the Wolf, School is Cool and Soldier’s Heart, but Leonardo Van Dijl is up to a lot more these days. Take his now-infamous TOMBOLA parties, which began as a way to rid himself (and his mom) of the books, films and music he collected obsessively as a teen. Preferring to give them away rather than sell them –ideally in a way that would benefit the greater good– the first edition of TOMBOLA was thus born. All proceeds go to Cinemaximilaan, an organisation that stages cultural gatherings bringing together undocumented immigrants and locals, and the concept has become one of Van Dijl’s current preoccupations –aside from writing an upcoming feature film, that is. 

Leonardo Van Dijl 2

Who or what are your role models/inspirations?
I would like to be Batman. I know… he is very much this white rich kid but when you think about it… he is really the coolest.

1) He always wears black
2) his cars are insane
3) He invest all his private fundings into making the world a better place.

That’s just very classy.

What’s your motto/mantra/idea that keeps you going?
I would say; spice up your life. I recently saw a documentary about the Spice Girls and Geri Halliwell quoted  that optimism can be something very contagious. They brought a very positive, cool message that brought them huge succes.

What advice/lessons would you share with another young person in your field?
Let’s be great together <3