Mathias MU

Age: 26
Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Though his artistic output includes making electronic music as well as sculptures, installations, drawings and digital media, Mathias Mu isn’t defined by a single discipline; rather, he sees his multiple practices as one cohesive body of work. In his own words, what he creates is closer to a language, a concept or an entity, using elements of modern society and which reflects on everyday reality. A self-taught musician, he studied fine arts and organically began combining the two; he recently did a performance at De Biënnale Van België where he combined sculptures and music in ways that blurred the boundaries between instrument and artefact. His upcoming projects include an exhibition this month at Soil Collective in Brussels and a new music project with Lisa Lotion called LOTOMU followed by a duo exhibition at the Pinkhouse in Antwerp. A dynamic process, always gaining momentum.

How did begin doing your thing?
It is hard to say when ‘my thing’ really started, as I have always been doing it. My process is very dynamic, I constantly pick up new things to use in my practice. I have always been making visual things; I studied Fine Arts. Making music came later, like 5 years ago. I am completely self-taught. Over the years my work evolved in to the state in which it is now. Although last year was a big game changer, I went through a lot of personal and work related changes, broke a lot of barriers which really shaped what I am doing today.

Who or what are your role models/inspiration?
I’ve had a lot of role models and inspirations. It varies from certain musicians to visual artists to people I know personally or even anime characters.

I have a lot to thank to the internet; it literally shaped the way I create and look at things andIi am very thankful for that. It is a pretty big part of my work as well. Thank you internet <3

Since I am dancing on a thin line between different genres and categories, I never had a fixed model or inspiration, I draw it from many different places.

Whats your motto/mantra/idea that keeps you going?