kZm – Deadman Walking On The Moon

The Japanese rapper kZm (pronounced as Kazma) is the youngest member of YENTOWN, one of the to-watch crews in Tokyo. In 2015 kZm founded his own crew kiLLa and started to influence the street scene in Tokyo. Later he joined YENTOWN and is now ready to conquer the hip-hop scene of Japan. In the video for his new track “Deadman Walking On The Moon”, kZm and his crew are looking like true badass hip-hoppers. The hard trappy beats combined with the screams and aggressive vibe throughout the track are a perfect match for the dark and twisted video directed by French talents Julia Tarissam and Juliet Casella. Too bad we don’t understand one word of it, but if we can believe the promo text “his words show us that he knows the score and his performance is unprecedented in Japanese hip hop”. The kZm debut album “Dimension” will be out by the end of 2017.