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Selected and approved by Gabriela, Hannes, Isaline and Sabzian

Jean-Pierre Melville retrospective at Cinematek, Brussels (June, July)

‘I believe that you must be madly in love with cinema to create films. You also need a huge cinematic baggage.’

During a cameo in Jean-Luc Godard’s A bout de souffle, Jean-Pierre Melville answers a film fan magazine reporter’s question as to what’s next? with: …become immortal, and then die [Devenir immortel et puis… mourir]. The real Melville’s legacy seems to have indeed done just that, so that the renewed interest in this highly influential figure in cinema seems far overdue, at least in these parts. In June and July, Cinematek lets you (re)discover him in twelve programs.

‘A number of critics continues to say that Melville is too much of an amateur. While, to be sure, I am an amateur, because I love – o how much! – the cinema. So that I don’t want to take myself seriously and that I continue to think that everybody should try to express themselves through the cinema.’ (Melville in an interview with Cahiers du cinéma, n°124, 1961)

Dogville (Lars von Trier, 2003) – 177’ at Cinema Zuid, 1 June 20:00

‘The art work that unsettled me the most last year is a film, more precisely Dogville by the Danish director Lars von Trier. To be clear: I was never a fan of von Trier and didn’t understand the commotion around his Breaking the Waves at the time. I can’t, however, imagine how any serious person could remain indifferent to Dogville. Why? Because in a most dazzling way this film addresses a moral problem of which no one can say to be uninvolved, mainly because it’s precisely the position of the right-minded outsider that seems most untenable here’ — Frank Vande Veire on Dogville, read it in Dutch on

Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages 20-25 June at La cheminée, Vorst


The Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages is an open event. It aims to gather films and practices which are defying notions of property, authorship or copyright. The festival is free and is screening all types of films, all types of productions, formats, length, old or new. Lots of opportunities to wander or to give a helping hand in the kitchen, bar, concerts, filmotheque, library, info kiosk, open kino, discussions, sofas and lounge chairs… Your choice!

Mail Festival Cinémas Sauvages to get the exact location.

Johann Kauth: Skink

23 & 24 June
Social Harmony, Ghent
free entrance


Antwerp-based artist Johann Kauth feels himself at home in many scenes: he’s a sound performer, visual artist, the owner of Stenze Quo tape label and a notorious dj. This month Ghentian art space Social Harmony organizes an expo and publication release of this Renaissance man’s graphic work. Using a range of print mediums (screen printing, risography, and more) Kauth creates hypnotic posters, zines, cassette covers, among others that shimmer with vibrant colors and are dwelled by kooky creatures. Letting your eyes wander through this psychotropic ink jungle feels like a mesmerizing trip. Better than any drug!

Hirad Sab

Digital artist Hirad Sab is finally receiving recognition for his visual art since the release of Sevdaliza’s new concept album ISON. Before this, he already caught our attention by creating multiple video masterpieces and live visuals for Ash Koosha. His works mostly feature chromed sculptures or bodies and artificial landscapes using a combination of layered 2D-images and optical 3D-elements. Compositional and tonal arrangements of images and photographs capture glimpses of life from nature to war to people engaged with their daily activities. The true merit of Sab and Koosha’s collaborations lies within assuring the multimedia approach of sound and animation is complementary rather than essential, their work is able to stand on its own. Sab is currently residing in the United States, as part of the Iranian Diaspora, just like many other creative Iranians such as Sevdaliza (Rotterdam) and Ash Koosha (London) themselves.

Post Post Cultural: Resilience & Contemplation

Brussels based Post Post Cultural is a collective of friends who share interest in a wide range of electronic music. The collective distributes recommendations through a weekly radio show and by throwing pay-what-you-want parties at Barlok for example. While some members of the crew are DJs, others are producers. To support the latter, Post Post added (web-) label to their set of activities. Resilience & Contemplation is a first compilation with Belgian, French and American producers which sounds as diverse as the collective itself. Although we’re not fond of using the ‘post’ prefix to describe music genres, it makes sense to label this mosaic playlist. Personal highlights are tracks from Kurama, GRIG, Vanilla Tears and Transparent Sky, but don’t hold back to discover your own preferences on the tape. The compilation will get a physical release as customised USB keys. Obtain one via their Bandcamp.