Gent Soiree

During the evening of 9 June, you’ll get the chance to explore Ghent’s flourishing art scene while cruising through the city streets. From 6 till 10 PM Ghentian art galleries, museums and off-spaces are working overtime to let you discover the flabbergasting work of both local and international contemporary artists.

text by Isaline Raes

‘Crox 543’ by Griet Van De Velde

Croxhapox,'Flipover' 2015 , Griet Van De Velde

Like an archeologist of the present moment, Ghent-based photographer Griet Van De Velde captures traces of unknown stories wherein the human being has recently left the stage. With her nature mortes of everyday sceneries, Van De Velde transforms the ordinary into poetry, warning us not to overlook the lovely fleeting moments of life.

‘To Each His Own Mask’ by Tine Guns


At 8 and 9 PM RIOT is screening ‘To Each His Own Mask’, the first fulllength artistic documentary of Ghent-based filmmaker and visual artist Tine Guns. Be prepared for a mind-boggling audiovisual trip (dark soundtrack by Syndrome and CHVE) wherein Guns attempts to unveil the truth behind the use of the mask and other carnivalesque strategies in contemporary protest culture.

Barbé Gallery
‘Op z’n janboerenfluitjes’ by Natasja Mabesoone

Barbé, Natasja Mabesoone , Gemarineerdinolijfolie

Natasja Mabesoone is a Ghent-based artist whose milky colored, whimsical works are the product of a complex superimposition of different techniques (drawing, etching, painting, …) and pictorial elements (nature, movies, comic strips,.…). Like moving cloud shapes, images appear and fade away in Mabesoone’s poetic pieces, triggering multiple readings ‘op z’n janboerenfluitjes’.

Tatjana Pieters Gallery
‘A major disappointment’ by Dieter Ravyts


Tatjana Pieters presents the first solo show of Ghent-based artist-SLASHphilosopher of paint Dieter Ravyts. On display are the witty results of Ravyts’ sharp research on the concept of painting as a dying medium: monumental hand-painted posters, paint containers for home-mixed oil paint, an ostensible scientific classification of enamel paint drips, and many more.

‘Nude Drawing’ by Niklaus Rüegg


Newbie in town, Convent, invited Swiss-born artist Niklaus Rüegg to set up an in situ installation. The work, entitled ‘Nude Drawing’, is both inspired by the specific architecture of the exhibition space and by ‘Die Köln-Sache’, a performance Rüegg created in 2013.

‘Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power’

KIOSK_The Great Court, at the opening ceremony of the World Conference on the UN Decade for Women, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1985. From Forum '85 NGO Planning Committee Final Report Nairobi, Kenya_Web

Get ready for some rocket girl power at KIOSK. ‘Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power’ sings the praises of the many voices in the feminist struggle with a so-called intersectional focus on issues of race, gender and class. Invited to create new work connected to the displayed archive material that provides insight in the history of transnational feminism, visual artists Petra Bauer, Eva Olthof, Ato Malinda, Kapwani Kiwanga, Marwa Arsanios and Saddie Choua offer new critical perspectives and give form to a new wave of feminism.

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