The month of

Robin Hectors

Sun’s out, fun’s out! With summer coming, Belgium’s glimmering with activities these days. Aside from our Subbacultcha shows we want you to know what else is going on this month music-wise. We asked Het Bos‘ co-programmer Robin Hecotors to fill us in on the events you should most definitely go to this month.

June is the worst month as there are a lot of shows I want to see, even though I’m stuck at Het Bos most of the time. Fortunately, Bos nights are lit and the programme is sick AF. We’ve got Coco Haram, Hantrax, Hoera ft. Hiele, Deejay Earl, Arboretum, The Rawfishboys and Philou Louzolo among other craziness. I’m not here to promote our own nights though, so I’ll give you guys a list of events I wish I could attend. Hmmm… I’d like to imagine there are an infinite number of separate universes and I’m enjoying all these shows in several of them.

9 June: André Vida with and without Dennis Tyfus at Zaal Trap

Trap is a small space curated by Roman Hiele, Milan Warmoeskerken and Allon Kay. This place used to be Stadslimiet and has been the blessing that keeps on blessing. I would love to see André Vida. I think I would really enjoy his improvised performance on the saxophone.


10 June: Odwalla1221, Orphan Fairytale + more at Forbidden City

Forbidden City is a small space that used to be a dodgy videotheek? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve not been able to attend any of their events and that saddens me. So go for me, please. Orphan Fairytale is always enchanting and I’m interested in what Odwalla1221 sounds like.


28 June: King Dick album release at Kavka

The guitar player from King Dick works at Het Bos; he’s a little Pazzo. This is trash pop played by professional mariachis, lost in The Velvet Room. Can’t wait for my inter-dimensional self to see them play.


You can find all info on Het Bos’ events here, or come meet us on 30 June for 3 Years Foot Juice XL, free for Subbacultcha members. Become one here.