Kasper-Jan selects

Swim With the Current is an ambitious new festival that will dedicate Antwerp’s Art Centre to avant-garde music for three days. Fifteen bands are playing at deSingel between 8 and 10 June. Our editor-in-chief Kasper-Jan selects 4 acts you can’t miss.


9 June

NAH is the solo project of multi-disciplinary artist Michael Kuhn, who currently splits his time between Philadelphia and Brussels. Although his live set-up is just drums, a MIDI controller and some samples, NAH developed an extraordinary sound of textured noise and confronting hip hop rhythms. Playful chaos for fans of Death Grips or Clipping.


10 June

The Swiss Alps are mostly known as a hotspot for ski tourists, but they’re also the home of Cedric Streuli, former drummer of The Mondrians and Koudlam who now makes catchy synth pop under the moniker Buvette. Streulli released his fourth album Elasticity via Pan European Recording last Fall, the ideal soundtrack for those lazy Summer days.


9 June

Ghent-based duo Beraadgeslagen consists of keyboardist Fulco Ottervanger and drummer Lander Gyselinck. Both well-known for their never-ending quest for new musical experiments, they certainly belong to the contemporary avant-garde of the Belgian music scene. With Beraadgeslagen they explore the limits of jazz, avant-garde, electronics and even everyday pop songs in their search for a characteristic sound.

Kikagaku Moyo

10 June

Let’s take it back to 2012, and the streets of Tokyo: A free collective of musicians are busking in the summer months. In their midst is a broad spectrum of influences – think classical Indian music, Krautrock, Traditional Folk, and 70s Rock, but don’t limit it to that – and quickly the tight knit group of talented multi-instrumentalists become Kikagaku Moyo. Of real importance to the band is improvisation and freedom of the mind and body, building a bridge between the supernatural and the now. The five-piece have been making waves through the international psych scene, with their gentle beckoning of soft bells and sitar playing which slowly fuzz through the audience. 

Also on the bill: Robbing Millions, Salut C’est Cool, Koenig, Jo goes Hunting and more. All info about Swim With the Current can be found here. Day 2 ft. NAH and Beraadslagen is free for Subbacultcha members. Become a member here