Visual art at Sónar+D

Sónar, Barcelona, isn’t just about music. There’s also this thing called Sónar+D, an international conference that contemplates the relationship between creativity and technology, and the digital transformation of the cultural industries involved. Here at Subbacultcha, we’re optimists. We believe in a better future, and we believe culture, the arts and a creative use of technology will ultimately guide the way. Aside from deeply contemplating a better world while dancing, we strongly suggest you go and have a look at these guys/girls as well. 

Daito Manabe


Apart from being the most famous digital artist of our times, Daito Manabe is mainly a programmer, designer, DJ and VJ based in Tokyo, Japan. Although it won’t be his first Sónar appearance, this time he will be launching an immersive light installation called ‘Phosphere’, alongside Fundació Sorigué and Manabe’s studio Rhizomatik, which will produce a mapping projected at the audience’s movements at SonarPLANTA.

Darius Kazemi

One of the most peculiar and amazing things about our Digital Age is the art forms it brought with it. Darius Kazemi is a net artist creating bots*, generators and other weird internet stuff, like this hypnotising drawing installation. Like many in his field, Kazemi’s net art is about entertainment and critique at the same time.

*Yeah this is a thing. Bots are automated pieces of software that seem to come alive and have a personality of their own.


Carla Diana

Carla Diana is a designer, author and educator who explores possible futures through products, real life interaction and the Internet of Things-experimentation. Her field of research is centered around the idea of robotics as part of our normal life and the evolution of smart objects, a subject she lectures on at Pennsylvania’s University.  

Ayah Bdeir


littleBits founder, interactive artist and engineer Ayah Bdeir is one powerful, inspiring woman to watch. She was raised between Lebanon and Canada and uses technology and experimental procedures to explore deliberated and unconscious representations of the Arab identity. She works towards democratizing hardware, making engineering more accessible and science infinitely creative.  

Jessica Brillhart


Jessica Brillhart has one of those jobs that are hard to imagine on a day to day basis: She works as a Virtual Reality filmmaker at Google and is as well a tech influencer and theorist. Her experiments with cinematic VR and Google’s DeepDream are trippier than many narcotics, which you can check here. Now she travels around the world exploring the possibilities of VR filmmaking by using one of the few existing 16-camera devices from Google Jump.

Memo Akten


Born in Istanbul and based in London, Memo Akten uses computation as a medium to explore the collisions between nature, technology, science, ethics, rituals, traditions and religion. He’s an open source software activist and gives workshops and lectures around the world, whenever he’s not exposing at the Barbican or Victoria & Albert Museum.